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The Three W's With Remarkable Women


Thrilled to be part of She Runs It, as we celebrated our 54th Annual Women of the Year 2019 – 'honoring some of the most accomplished and inspirational women in marketing, media and tech.' What an awe inspiring evening.


Renetta McCann- to paint a picture of your career is like a scatter graph, where 'the curve is the ends and the dots are the means.' A lovely curve only exists because of the dots that surround it...those dots are the places where your values, character, potential, the paths and the how of your successes live and shine... make your dots count!

Leslie Berland- when you are a woman in power, always pull up a chair for another women next to you.

Ann Mukherjee- 'I was going to show them by being different doesn’t mean I am any less capable' use that as a framework around everything that you do.


Actively surround yourself with remarkable leaders that keep you feeling motivated and liberated.

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