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The Three W's With Future Designers


Fiverr and frog design hosted the “Art of Doing” event series, focused on the future of design.



Reminding us to design with a sense of authenticity and empathy in mind. Bridging the digital and physical divide. For example, Philadelphia's train station board had a clickety-clack noise when letters and numbers flipped to update, which was replaced with a digital display. However, they ran into the issue as people were missing the trains and figured it was due to the silent digital board. So the team installed a sound that mimicked the clickety-clack sound. Human experience is still driving design changes. Product experience is proven to be useful not through the number of people that used it but how those people felt.

It is about the small details and those design details that show people it was designed by somebody who cared.

Image by: Adam Winograd

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