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The Three W's With Advertising Lawyers


The Advertising Club’s Innovate: New York seminar “Hot Topics in Advertising Law.”


Davis & Gilbert LLP led the session with virtual influencers and what's hot in privacy.


There are many updates surrounding virtual influencers, data, location and digital fraud.

  • Regulators will object to any influencer, virtual or real, who fails to disclose a material connection to a brand the influencer endorses.

  • The California Consumer Privacy Act is set to take effect in 2020, and will impose extremely rigorous requirements on data-heavy businesses, including the adtech industry.

  • Following a series of articles in The New York Times about the collection and sale of location data by popular applications, a new legal action in California is set to push app providers to make further disclosures, potentially restricting the use of such data in a significant way.

  •  While digital fraud is still out there, the question that remains is how to limit it and which parties should be responsible. Brands are trying to push responsibility to media agencies, who rightly point out that it is virtually impossible to stop all fraud. Brands and agencies need to work together to follow defined steps to limit fraud rather than trying to assign blame.

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