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The Three W's With Global Talented Writers


Pen World Voices Festival 2019- ‘a gathering of more than 200 writers and artists representing over 50 nationalities in New York City. Nonfiction and fiction writers, thinkers, and activists to discuss what we reveal and what we withhold, and the opportunities and dangers inherent in the rapid reconfiguring of the public and the private in the literary, cultural, social, and political realms.



What a remarkable panel discussion about 'Love in the time of tinder.’ Uncovered today’s digital-dominant world of dating- questioning does romance still even exist? As consent debates intensify and privacy vanishes, how do we link with one another in meaningful ways? And what role does literature play, now that the sonnet has been replaced by the swipe? How do our novels, stories, and essays reflect this tumultuous state of modern love?’ I respected the fact that the conversation was centered around the real complexities and honest outlook on a topic that is normally associated with feelings of excitement and happiness. A genuine evening of food for thought that sheds light on another perspective. These moments are the greatest insights that we should be using as the driving force beneath our work in advertising.

Niviaq Korneliussen, Gabriela Wiener, Mary H.K. Choi, and Isaac Fitzgerald

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