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The Three W's With Avid Researchers


Rogue Conversations, let’s make more of them happen!


An approach by Ben Zeidler and Gunny Scarfo from Nonfiction Research shared during a workshop held by STRGST- Tina Yip at Betaworks Studios.


We need to reduce engaging in arms length research, only looking at customer data and hoping to find something meaningful. Rather focus on who has intimate relationships with the customer and how you can have intimate conversations with those people. A seemingly simple shift that yields powerful insights. A technique that stuck with me was 'Follow The Threads.' "Every time someone answers a question they create a buffet of threads, each thread leads you down a different conversational path. Some might be duds, but some might completely unravel a person. Mastering the art of interviewing is an exercise in deciding which threads to pull." Try it out, listen better and observe carefully!

Ben Zeidler and Gunny Scarfo

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