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The Three W's about an Award Winning Campaign


From the pitch to idea generation, campaign creation and widespread execution that led to controversial attention…friction spreads.


We went deeper into the critically acclaimed DTF campaign and creative collaboration between OkCupid's CMO Melissa Hobley and Wieden + Kennedy's Art Director Jessica Shriftman hosted at Fiverr.


Two of my favorite takeaways were simple. You cannot make work based on data without heart along with the naming of the campaign, was a phrase that grew out of conversation together. This ties back the success of work to be based on our day to day environments and interactions. In addition to the power of bringing new ideas to life is dependent on the initial spark of a relationship and the continuous work on it because it is never just a transaction but always a two-way street.

Kerry Flynn reporter at Digiday (moderator), Melissa Hobley and Jessica Shritfman

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