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title. Olfactory

date. 2018 - 2019

city. US Nationwide

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How do you increase awareness and capture more market opportunities for a niche fragrance brand operating in a stagnant marketplace?


At Olfactory, we believe fragrance should be imaginative, undeniably personal and constantly evolving, which highlights the attitude of this new generation.


Instead of yet another unexciting mass-market fragrance campaign built through impersonal celebrity marketing, Olfactory is going to transform fragrance choices as a discovery, fun creation and personal expression.​

We shot content that used real everyday people to allow the millenial target audience to see themselves within the communication. Also, highlighted products and had giveaways during the holiday seasons such as valentine's day, halloween and Christmas.

The Creative Execution

  • Hero video 

  • In-store activations and events 

  • Seasonal initiatives 

  • Production of video and photography assets 


Primary account manager | Brand planner | Oversee production

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