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The Three W's With Local Storytellers


One of my most eye-opening and heartfelt evenings in New York City with The Moth held at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. Life experiences shaped into well-crafted stories to be shared. True stories told live.


The Moth partners with community organizations around the world to 'practice storytelling as an art form and powerful tool of communication.' It gives everyday people a platform to share their perspectives, stories and experiences.


It is what we need more of- great storytellers, who deepen connection amongst our community and spark empathy amongst listeners. A reminder for those of us in advertising- no brand, product or idea can stand on its own two feet in a meaningful way without us having a grasp on the inner layers of the consumer and even those people that surround them. Their needs, behaviors, beliefs, motivations, personal stories, life abundance of layers to uncover. It should be the foundational thinking for any good idea to flourish once out there. Stay close. Listen first. Then speak right to these individual voices.

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